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Camp Chicagami’s staff is thoroughly screened and trained to ensure your campers safety and well-
being are kept as our highest priorities.

Camp Chicagami has served the children of Eveleth since 1922. After expanding and rebuilding
our facility in the 1990s, we have been developing educational and summer camp programs to serve
children from across the Iron Range area.

It is our Mission at Camp Chicagami to make the joys and lessons of a camp experience available
and affordable for all children of Northern Minnesota.

Our summer programs are intended to provide kids with a fun way to learn new skills, self
confidence, positive social interaction and healthy risk taking. Teamwork, open communication,
respect, reliability and accountability are values which are encouraged.

We promise to keep your child's safety and well-being as our highest priority. Camp Chicagami's
staff are well screened through an extensive interview process, including background check, for their
qualifications and ability to support your camper's growth. All of our staff participate in an intensive
week-long training.

In October of 2011, Camp Chicagami surveyed the parents of the previous summer’s campers, asking: “What
changes did you see in your child after he /she attended summer camp?”
45 percent of parent responses indicated their child was more confident and independent with comments
“More independent”
“She can be away from home at night now.”
“She tried things she would not normally have
41 percent of parent responses indicated their child was happier, more enthusiastic and had a better attitude
with comments including:
“She was happier and seemed to enjoy her siblings
“More grown up, he thought before he did things
and was not as wound up.”
“Calmer, less angry”
38 percent of parent responses indicated their child was more socially interactive and comfortable with peers with
comments including:
“...made a few good friends at camp and she seemed
a little more outgoing.”
“Learned to meet new friends at camp”.
“He isn’t shy anymore. He has a lot of friends now.”
In all, 86 percent of parents responding reported a noticeable, positive change in their camper. Some parent
responses indicated growth in more than one of these important areas of child development.
“It was a much needed break from TV and Video games. A real pivotal point for him. He tried different foods,
made friends and really had a change in attitude and personality.”
Winfred McCarty of Ely at
Chicagami 1926.
Harold Peterson
(left) of Eveleth at
Chicagami 1938.
Hannah and Hailey
at Chicagami 2016.
Camp Chicagami
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